When should you lying on Your Resume?

Are you struggling to get your dream job? Not getting short listed for an interview with your current resume? Do you find your resume information is not helping you to get the job? In such a circumstances, most of the job seekers thinking to lie on their resume. However, many thought not to be lied and be honest, and yet to be employed.
Your resume presents you to your potential employer. Hence, you want to paint the best picture of yourself, so that your resume impress the employer and enhance your chances to get shortlisted for the interview. In the endeavor of making resume impressive, most of the times we don’t see right or wrong. However, we never want to be lied on our resume. Writing a powerful resume means writing a resume that helps you to grab your dream job opportunity. This means finding the right angle for your achievement and experience or leaving some specific information. Let’s check it below.
Include only relevant work history-
Don’t include all your previous jobs in your resume unnecessary. Doesn’t matter whether you have long work history or short work history, don’t include irrelevant jobs in your resume. Add only relevant jobs in your resume and use the space in explaining your achievements and good works you did during those relevant jobs. It is always wise to leave the irrelevant stuff no matter how impressive it is.
Explain your position, don’t exaggerate it!
You may held great responsibilities in your previous job or your work might infer a more powerful job title than you actually held. If you lie about your job position, there are chances that your employer may call your previous employer and ask about the job position that never been existed. In this regards, you come in to light as a liar.
Rather lying about your job position, it is better to call yourself with your actual job position and explain your work in an effective manner. Explain your duties in smart way that make you look intelligent and hardworking. Moreover, if you have good relationship with your previous employer or company, you can talk with your manager or boss about your desire to use more impressive job title. If they permit, you can incorporate it on your resume.
You can claim the proficiency in the skills you don’t really have!      
Many times you know the basics about certain tools or you might have used the older version but not conversant with the newer versions. In this regards, if you can spend little time to gain what you need on such tools, you can claim proficiency with such tools or skill set. Remember, you are taking risk. When you claim the proficiency in the skills that really you don’t have, make sure in certain period of time you will achieve that proficiency and them claim in in your resume.
Dig deep into your irrelevant experiences to turn them relevant!
If you find you don’t have any relevant experience, then it times to dig deep into your irrelevant experience. Find something that suits to the job position you are applying for. For example, if you are in quality check and want to apply for the position of graphic designer, then if you did something like graph creation, you can add it in your experience.
Eventually, lie as little as possible and find the ways to look impressive with whatever you have with you. You can exaggerate little, include relevant jobs and explaining relevant experiences.
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How to fill the Gap in Your Resume?

Professional resume writing is a tough task. Listing all the essential information such as your contact details, educational and work history, achievements and skills is not so easy. What makes your resume writing process more difficult is your employment gaps. If your resume will not answer why you are having employment gaps, then your potential employer may take it in a negative way and assume you didn’t work at all during the gap period. If you have any gap in your resume, you need to explain the gap in writing, so that your potential employer will not find any issue in your resume. Let’s see how to fill the gap in your resume. Below are a few crucial things that help you fill your resume gap.
- Show honesty! While writing your resume, write only genuine things. Don’t lie or exaggerate. If you remain honest with your potential hiring manager, you will get rid from the worry about scrutiny of your background or reference checks or any surprising question in your interview.
- The gap duration that is shorter than 3 months does not need to be explained. Such a short gap is usual and often overlooked by the employers. However, if you have gap more than three months, then you should address it in your resume. Whatever reason behind the gap, personal or professional, you should address it. If you don’t want to make employer any wrong assumption about your employment gaps, you need to address them in your resume, email or cover letter.
- If you have work history with irrelevant jobs that do not match with your current job position, list those irrelevant jobs on your resume as well to cover up resume gaps rather than create any gap. Don’t forget to explain why you held that jobs.
- Months of employment is one of the crucial factor of filling gaps in resume. Hence, include them in your job listing. Be honest when you write your resume. It surely makes a positive impact on your potential employer.
- Keep a positive tone across your resume and cover letter. Don’t show you have done something wrong or you are apologizing for your gaps. Show you are always remained focused on your career.
- Highlight your skills and achievement over your past job history or education. You can use functional resume format for the same reason. Highlighting your skills and achievement helps you divert the attention of your potential employer from your employment gaps and make them focus on your capability.
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4 easy step to create a powerful resume

A resume is a crucial need for the job seekers. It’s a document that display’s the information about one’s knowledge, achievements and previous work experience. In order to make your resume powerful, it is very important to display the information in a proper format. Creating an impressive resume is an art. If you know proper information about how to write a professional resume, you can craft your resume in a proper way. If you don’t know the knowledge of crafting a professional resume, you will end with creating a generic resume that may not impress the viewer. Knowing crucial steps of creating a job winning resume, certainly helps you make your resume impressive. Such a resume not only help you to display your information in a right format, but also enhance your chances of getting shortlisted. Here are 4 easy steps that help you create a powerful resume for your job hunt.

1. Gather all the essential information- Before start writing your resume, it is always good to gather all the essential information you want to put in your resume. Hence, when you start writing your resume, you will find all information handy and it can write your resume effortlessly focusing on other crucial things such as resume format, layout, font, etc.

2. Choose the right resume format- Usually, there are three resume formats. Chronological resume, functional resume and hybrid resume. You should select the format which goes well with you. If you are applying for a job for the first time or you have a consistent job history then chronological resume can help you display your information effectively. If you have gaps in between your job history or you want to highlight your skills or achievement more than showing your job history and educational background, functional resume can help you in a better way. Hybrid resume is a combination of chronological and functional resume, it works better in all condition.

3. Use keywords- Before taking up your resume writing task, make sure you have searched keywords to incorporate in your resume content. You can find keywords in job description. Incorporating keywords in your resume information, make your resume more relevant to the job you are applying for. Also, nowadays, resumes are selected by resume screening software. This software picks out resume on the basis of keywords. Hence, using keywords in your resume, increase the chances of resume to get selected by this software.

4. Select an appropriate resume template- Good looking resume certainly help you make first good impression. When it comes to the looks of your resume, resume templates helps you to make it attractive. You can find many resume templates online and choose one among them. In this instance, you can take a help from resume building websites, such as interactiveresumebuilder.com to create highly attractive resume by choosing a professional resume template.

Following the above mentioned steps, you will surely create a powerful resume that help you to grab your dream job opportunity.

Top 5 Things to Not Put in a Resume

If you are a job seeker, then you need to make an impressive resume that will create a positive impact on your potential employer and enhance your chances to get short listed for prospective interview. However, you need to know what you not to put in your resume in order to make it work for you. In the endeavor of creating a professional resume, many candidates fail to recognize the things that make their resume mediocre rather than admirable. They put some unwanted things in their resume and unknowingly demolish its grandeur. Below we listed top 5 things that you should not put your resume. Knowing these crucial things, you will certainly become well converse about what to put and what not to put in your resume. Let’s see them one by one.
1. Listing all the past jobs - Hiring managers look relevancy. They want a candidate best suits to their job requirements. They need exact what they mentioned in the job description. Listing the jobs that are irrelevant to the job position, unnecessary extend the length of your resume. Make sure you list the job that are relevant and convey the relevant accomplishment.
2. Unnecessary personal details - It is inevitable to mention your personal details such as contact details, so, the employer effortlessly contact you. However, putting your marital status, sex, hobbies etc, in your resume, completely needless except your hiring manager requires it.  Creating and sending resume is a discovery of candidates for hiring process. So, the personal details are unnecessary for this stage. If you make to the next state that is hiring stage, you may ask to provide your personal details by hiring manager.
3. Incorporating duties or task which are not activity – centered- Hiring managers want to see your accomplishments. When you mention your previous jobs, make sure the information convey your accomplishments. Make sure you listing not your previous job, but the results of your efforts. That’s what makes you distinct from the pack.
4. Mentioning the age – Employers wants to know what you can do for them. Whether you are fit for their job requirements or not. Hence, it is worthless to mention the years of your existence on this earth.
5. Lies and exaggerative statements - Abstain yourself putting lies and exaggerative statements. Many job seekers thinks such a statements can impress employer and persuade him to make them shortlisted. Saying lies and putting exaggerative statements can help you at some extent, but when your information is verified, your lies come into focus and you end up with losing your job.
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Need for proper Resume Guidelines for Internships to start up with an effective professional career

A resume normally is the document that can present a person in front of the employer. It consists of almost all the details of the candidate’s academic, extra curriculum, contact and professional details on basis of which the employer can select the candidate. Resumes can be of various types, to be used in various places. It can be for work, for MBA admission, and for internship. The employer to whom the resume is going is a busy man, so he or she will continue with the reading and reviewing of the resume only if he or she finds the first few points impressive. Thus it is always needed to make a resume interesting and attractive. There can be many resume guidelines for internships and others that can help candidates in getting the job done.

Resume for internships – an overlook

Internship is working with some professional companies to provide a practical experience support to the higher studies done in that particular field so that the candidate can obtain good job opportunities in the next level with good salary package. So, as the resume is of a fresher, there are a number of things that has to be taken care of in the resume. There are a number of Resume Guidelines for Internships that makes it different from any other resume.In the resume for internship it is important to highlight the academic qualification that the candidates have pursued and also the skills that the students have in them.It is said that an employer just takes 20 seconds in going through the resume and having a review of it. So, in writing about the best academic qualifications and also the best skills a candidate should not forget to check for small mistakes such as a typing error or the format of the resume page layout. The page should look clean with crisp and clear points.

Describing the skills in the resume

A candidate just cannot write that he or she is best in a particular thing. There are some Resume Guidelines for Internships even in describing the best skills of the candidate that can impress the employer. The skills can be also described as the activities that have been done in the academic campus of the candidate. The candidates can add some special events in different paragraphs and can include the skills used in form of bullets in those paragraphs. This will help the employer in knowing the different activities that you have taken part in and also the skills that you have.

Language of the resume

Language is something that can make something and can also destroy something. A single wrong grammar in a single line of the resume can change the entire meaning. Thus proper check through has to be done that what sense all the sentences are making. Proper difference has to be sorted out in between the past and the present. The dates and the events should match with the tense to make them appear proper. No tips for Resume Guidelines for Internships will ever work if the grammar of the particular language used is wrong.


Win Your Potential Interview with the Right Presentation of Your Qualification

As we all know that the qualification information is the most crucial part of any resume. It is the only section that is read carefully by employers. Hence, it needs to be very convincing and strong. If you are writing your resume and don’t know how to write qualification on the resume, then make sure you have written your qualification in a right way that highlight your strength and personal characteristics in an effective manner.

Creating a compelling resume that persuades your prospective employer to consider you as the best candidate never been an easy task for many job seekers. Writing a compelling qualification section in your resume you can make a right first impression on your potential employer and make him consider you for the job opening. So what are the factors that make your qualification section effective? Let’s see those factors.

1. Write relevant qualification in a chronological order – When it comes to writing your qualification, make sure you listed only the relevant qualification in your resume. While writing your qualification, write it in a chronological order. Mention your course or degree name first. Then, write the name of institution from where you acquired that degree. After this, write proper dates. The dates should show the duration of a course or degree. It should include the date of joining and the date of the examination results.

Make sure, you write the information in a chronological order.

2. Write your qualification in a summary – When you think about writing your qualification on your resume, make sure it is a summarized description that highlight your strengths. It should be relevant to your job objective. Many job seekers think that a resume is a document that display the history of qualification and work experiences. It is true at some extent, but when it comes to write your resume you should remember that your resume is a marketing piece that sells you in the job market. Hence, you should write your resume with the marketing approach.

When you write a summary of your qualification, you can write about your credentials, work experience, background, work ethic and expertise. You can also incorporate anything you find that qualifies you for you’re the job that you are looking for. Summaries all these information in the best way you can find. We say it as a qualification summary because we are not telling the whole story of our life in this section but we are presenting our credentials and skills to our potential employers. Hence, it is called as a qualification summary.

3. Use keywords in your qualification details – Keywords enhance your chances of your resume for getting shortlisted. Therefore, don’t forget to write phrases using the right keywords in your qualification section. Remember, the use of keywords makes your resume more relevant to the job position.

Learning how to write a resume not only gives you a proper direction to build your resume, but also helps you to make every section of your resume strong and convincing.

Top 5 Resume Writing Rules for a Successful Resume

One of the major challenges for many job seekers is creating a perfect resume for their job search. They find it very difficult to create a compelling resume that helps them to grab their dream job opportunity. However, if you know the rules of resume writing, you can create a highly professional resume that display your credentials in an effective way and impress your prospective employer to consider you for your potential job opportunity.

Hence, you should know some important resume writing rules that help you create an attention grabbing resume which present you as the best candidate for your potential job position.

1. Target your content – Go through requirements of the job position you are applying for carefully and spend some time to tailor your resume to the requirements. Add only the relevant content in your resume. Highlight only your relevant experiences and skills. For instance, if you are applying for the position of a software developer, you should use more space for mentioning about the project and the work you have done in your past employment.

2. Try to keep your resume one or two pages – Remember, you are writing your resume and not a novel! Many employers don’t have enough time to spend on each resume and read its every detail. They just take a glance and find out the points that suits to the job requirements. Hence, making a large resume doesn’t make a good sense and employer may find it tedious to read it due to its length. Keeping resume up to one or maximum two pages with highlighting your key points, help employer to know about your competencies in a glance and he can go through your resume immediately.

However, keeping resume short or long depends on your past work experience. If you have 20 or 30 years of experience then it is obvious that you need more space to show your accomplishments. In this regards, you can enhance the length of your resume.

3. Begin with a Bang! – Your resume sells you to your prospective employer. Hence, it should be attention graining. To hold the attention of the reader, begin your resume with an objective statement that captures the reader’s attention right away and persuade him to read your resume further. Here, write a short objective in 2 or 3 lines. Make a statement that conveys your aspiration and how you can help your potential organization.

Also, begin your resume with your brief qualification summary that clearly describes your previous designations and professional background.

4. Include keywords in your resume – Today, most of the employers tend to use resume scanning software in order to select the right resume, you must include the right keywords in your resume to make it picked up by the software. If you find your experience relevant to the job position, add extra phrases having keywords in your experience statements. To find the keywords, read the job description carefully and pick up the keywords.

5. Take time to review your resume – Typo errors or grammar and spelling errors in your resume can take it out of the competition. A single or multiple errors in your resume can be worked as deciding factors in the rejection of your resume. Hence, make sure your resume doesn’t have any typo, grammar or spelling errors.

How to Create a Free Professional Resume with Resume Writing Tool

Do you want to create a free yet professional looking resume? We can understand your worry. As you are searching your dream job, you need a good-looking professional resume that you want to show your prospective employer. But, wondering how to write a perfect resume for your job hunt? Online resume writing tool relieve you from stress and frustration by helping you create an attention-grabbing professional resume just in few minutes!

Creating a professional resume using resume writing tool, you get quality support for writing a well formatted resume as well as get tips, guidelines and resume templates to make your resume an interview generating machine. Let see how you can create a perfect resume for your job search with a resume writing tool.

It is very easy to create an eye-catching resume with online resume writing tool, simply following the below steps, you can generate your dream resume.

1. Create your account first. For creating your resume, you firstly need to create your free account at online resume writing tool such as e-resumebuilder. You just need to provide your valid email address and password. Almost all online resume writing tools required such information in order to secure your personal information that will be carried by your resume.

2. Once you create your account. Resume writing tool takes you to the step by step resume writing wizard. Here, first a fall you need to write your basic information such as your name, address and contact details for your prospective employer. You will see this information at the header section in your resume. Your contact details should include your phone number and email address. If you have any personal website, you can include it in your contact details.

3. Write your objective statement and relevant work experiences. Remember, your objective should be a brief statement that conveys what you are looking for or what you want to achieve from your potential employment. List your work experiences in reverse chronological order. Write your most recent work experience first. When listing your work experiences write the name of your position, name of your company, date of joining and date of leaving.

4. Once you finished writing with your past work experiences, start writing with your skills and education. List your skills that are relevant to the job position and you have been acquired over the period of time. Also, you can include any courses or certification you completed. While listing your educational information, write the name of courses or degrees you obtained, names of the educational institutions and the dates you attended each degree.

5. In order to make your resume attractive and impressive, choose a perfect resume template among many resume templates provided by resume writing tool. These resume templates are categories in different sections. Select the best one that suits to your job title and your work experience.

7. Save your resume and get it printed. Resume writing tool such as interactiveresumebuilder helps you to save your resume in different formats such as Word, PDF, HTML, Text, ODT and RTF. You can save your resume any of these formats or get your resume printed.

How to Make a Powerful Resume using Keywords

Do you want to improve your resume for enhancing your chances of getting selected for your potential interview? Well, you might have well formatted resume in your hand. It might be looking highly professional. Yet, why it doesn’t give the result you are expecting?

Today is a world of technology where internet brings the whole world very close. In such scenario, if you don’t grow with the online revolution, then you may fail to get your dream job opportunity. When it comes to the job search, internet can help you to speed up your job search. In this regards, let’s learn how to use keywords in your resume in order to make a robust resume that help you to grab your dream job opportunity.

1. Find keywords for your resume – Your resume is a cornerstone of your job search. An impressive professional resume with keywords certainly helps you to stand tall in the competition. Such a resume help you make the right impression and enhance your chances of getting selected for an interview.

Many job seekers focus on the format of the resume and ignore the keywords. It is absolutely right that your resume needs to be attractive, but using keywords you can make it as an interview generating machine. When it comes to finding the keywords, you should go through the job description carefully. Note down the words that are repeated mostly in the job description. Normally, the most repeated words in the job description are keywords.

2. Keywords help your resume to get shortlisted – Today, many hiring managers use resume scanner software in order to pick the right resume for particular job positions. This software scan resume on the basis of keywords. When you include keywords in your resume, you make it prefect to get picked by resume scanning software.

3. Keywords help your resume to get noticed by online job portals – There are many websites that help job seekers find various jobs. These websites ask you to upload your resume and if it matches with the particular job opening, they forward your resume to the respective company.

Here, keywords play an important role. When you submit your resume on a job search website, based on keywords it matches it with a particular job. Therefore, if you include appropriate keywords in your resume, you can find your dream job using job search websites.

4. Keywords helps you to make a right impression – Including keywords in your every prominent statements such as accomplishments, work experience and skills, helps you to make a right impression on your potential hiring manager. He may find you the right candidate for the particular job position.

5. Keywords make your resume durable – Using keywords in your resume you make it highly durable. If you have appropriate keywords in your resume, it is seen first than the rest of the resume. Whether you post it a month ago, it keeps rising above the other resume due to the keywords.

So, don’t forget to use keywords in your resume. Use appropriate keywords in your resume and make it a powerful asset for your job search.

How to build your first resume that helps you land more interviews

Do you know what an important aspect of your job hunt is? If you are not giving importance to writing your resume then it’s high time to learn how to write it. Your resume makes or breaks your first best impression. Remember, your resume is not mere a document that present your credentials. In fact, it is like a brochure that sells you in the job market. Hence, if your aim is to land job interviews with your resume then you need to remember a few simple yet significant things to turn your resume into a job generating machine.

1. Choose a proper resume structure for your resume – Resume structure varies according to the job position you are going to apply for. The structure of a sales person’s resume is totally different than the structure of a social worker’s resume. If you are willing to land more interview through your resume then your resume should present the kind of information that your prospective employer looking for in an effective way. Make sure, all the information you incorporate in your resume is relevant to the job position.

2. Organize your resume properly – Organizing your resume properly can help you to make a good impression on hiring manager and land more interviews. A well-organized professional resume present you effectively to the hiring manager. Many job seekers have a perception that they need to make their resume large and complicated in order to impress a hiring manager. However, it’s a false notion and it can take your resume to the garbage. As hiring managers have to go through plenty of resumes, they hardly spend few seconds to analyze each resume. A well-organized resume can help hiring manager to find needed information easily.

3. Customize your resume – You need to take time for customizing your resume in order to make it a powerful weapon that help you to beat the competition. In this regards, you need to customize your resume with the information that targets the job position and the company. For this, make a research about the company and job position. Find out the company’s services or products, how it offers its services etc. Go through the job description and pick up the important keywords. Include these keywords in your resume while customizing it. It may take your time, but customizing your resume certainly help you to generate more interviews with your first resume.

4. Show how good you are for the job position – Your resume sells you to the hiring manager. Hence, it should reflect your skills and accomplishment that hiring manager find best suited to the job position. Hence, try to write every statement in the manner that speak about yourself and show how you are good for the job position than anyone else. Therefore, include your quality achievements, skills and accolades that helps you to stand out.

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