Help Section

How resume builder works?
It is so easy to create a job winning resume with resume builder. You just need to follow our step-by-step resume building wizard and get an impressive resume to present your employers.

If you are a new user, sign up by clicking on Create Resume button or Sign up, then fill the necessary information in provided sections. Step by step follow the sections. You can skip the section if you find it unnecessary for you. You are guided properly to accomplish each section. In the last step, you can see your resume by selection any of given resume templates.

How much time the resume builder takes to create a resume?
With our most efficient resume builder you can create your resume in few minutes. If you having all essential information, it takes less than 10 minutes to build an effective resume.

What about information security?
Your information is totally secure. As your account is password protected, only you can access your information. Also, It is guaranteed that your information is not shared with the third party or anyone else.

What happens if I unfinished the information filling process?
Resume builder saves your information as you finish each step. In case you stop before finished all the steps, whatever information you have filled will be saved. You just need to log back and start where you stopped.

How much it will cost to create a resume?
Now it is absolutely free! If you like resume and want to use it, you need to get a membership of resume builder. The cost of membership is very minimal and gives you one year unlimited access along with hosting your resume on web.

Interview Tips
Once you create a professional resume, it can grab the attention of hiring manager any time. Hence, you should get ready to enter the further step of your job search process i.e. Interview.

It is your interview that make it or break it your opportunity to get your dream job. Keeping yourself well prepared certainly enhance your chances of getting your desired job. Here are some interview tips that will surely help you to land a job.

Do a quality research

Your search about the company and job description help you to write a resume relevant to the job description. It enhances your chance to convince your employer that you are the right person for the job position.

Also, it is evident that you are asked what do you know about the company and the job position. Your research help you in this case to face this question confidently and make good impression in front of employer.

Prepare well

The research process help you to prepare well for your interview. Preparation helps you to anticipate various questions that will be asked in interview. Your preparation not only make you prepare for an interview but also boost your confidence to face the interview.

Always keep a professional attitude

your professional behaviour and attitude set you apart from your competitors. It makes your appearance enthusiastic and professional. Such kind of professional attitude help you to create the right impression which can be work as a key factor in your interview.